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GenSec Consulting

Changing the narrative for inclusive and sustainable 


About Us

GenSec is an independent consulting firm that specializes in gender and political security. At the core of our mission statement lays our commitment to inspire both men and women to better understand and acknowledge the gender specific issues in international politics. The aim is to encourage them to actively engage, work together and develop strategies for the creation of an environment where men and women are empowered, safe and free to exercise their human rights in equal terms.


With data-driven and evidence-based solutions we offer research, regulatory and policy analysis, advocacy, training and development services

Strategically placing ourselves at the core of current political debates and social, economic, political and humanitarian developments we keep growing our network of collaborators and affiliates. Engaging with policy analysis, research and advocacy for the past years we bring with us experience from the private sector, academia, governmental sector, NGOs and civil society.

We welcome global and regional partners from across sectors to engage in conversation and projects to keep driving global change. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Irregular Migration

  • Feminisation of Migration

  • Refugees

  • Human Trafficking (labour and sex)

  • Gender Mainstreaming

  • Female Political Participation

  • Gender Equality & Women's Rights

  • Gender Based Violence

  • Sustainable Development

  • Global Supply Chains

  • International Law

  • Human Rights

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